Membership in Southern Comfort Gaited Horse Club shall be open to any resident of the United States of America.  All persons younger than eighteen must submit, with their application, a waiver of liability signed by their parent or legal guardian on a form to be furnished by the Club. 

Dues: The amount needed for membership dues shall be decided yearly at the November meeting. Membership dues shall be due January first of each year and become delinquent at the February meeting. Members whose dues are unpaid by the March meeting shall be dropped from the role and are ineligible to attend any activities of the association. Dues of a new member who are elected to join the club after September 1 shall pay prorated dues for the rest of that calendar year.   Dues for year 2018 are $30.00, Single and $40, Family.  Applications and dues should be sent to the Club Treasurer or presented at a regular meeting.

Send to:
Lois Murphy
1837 S. Ash Park Lane
Boise, ID 83709

Application for General Membership:    Each applicant shall make written application upon an approved form. All applications shall be filed with the Secretary of the Club.  A copy of the By-Laws is to accompany new membership packets to the applicants.



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