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View The 2017 Horse Expo Album

2017 Horse Expo

Southern Comfort Spanish Drill Team performed at the 2017 Horse Expo in Nampa on April 22. There was also a gaited breed demonstration.

View The Star 4th of July Parade Album

Star 4th of July Parade

Several members of the Southern Comfort Gaited Horse Club rode in the 4th of July Parade in Star, Idaho.

View The Un-Poker Ride 2015 Album

Un-Poker Ride 2015

On a beautiful October Day, more than 100 riders enjoyed the trails and fall colors at Eagle Island State Park. October 4 dawned crisp and beautiful. Here are some pictures from members of Southern Comfort. Channel 7 was there and took a wonderful video of the day's events and high-lighted the charities that Southern Comfort is sponsoring with the ride. Our event has become a wonderful family ride for parents and children as young as four.

View The  2016 Horse Expo Album

2016 Horse Expo

The SC Spanish Drill Team performed at the Horse Expo in Nampa on Saturday, April 17th.

View The Bogis Basin Album

Bogis Basin

A ride coordinated by Susan Browning, July, 2014, to beat the heat in the valley.

View The Nehalem Beach Oregon Album

Nehalem Beach Oregon

Club members coordinated by Ann Martin spent a weekend camping and riding on the Oregon Beach, July 2014

View The Lawrance Valdez, Breed Challenge Winner Album

Lawrance Valdez, Breed Challenge Winner

Lawrance Valdez, Pictures of his Breed Challenge performance.

View The Expo 2014 Album

Expo 2014

Southern Comfort demonstrated the smooth gaits their horses provide the rider with a mounted drill. This year it featured Paso Fino's (translation fine walk) and their walks were smooth and quick.

View The Peruvian Dance Album

Peruvian Dance

Lawrance Valdez is riding Liane Kerting-Vick's Peruvian Ximena with dancer Yadira Arreguin.

View The Spanish Drill Team Album

Spanish Drill Team

Riders in the Southern Comfort Gaited Horse Club who ride Spanish Horses prepared a short drill to demonstrate their gaits and show clothing at the State Drill Competition, July 13, 2013 at the Idaho Center. Here are pictures compliments of Susan Browning.

View The Lawrance Valdez Clinic Album

Lawrance Valdez Clinic

On May 13, 2012. a clinic coordinated by Sandy Young and featuring Lawrance Valdez was held at Al Birt Arena. The clinic was enjoyed by all who attended and everyone agreed that they learned many helpful points.

View The Pink Flamingo 2012 Album

Pink Flamingo 2012

Cllub members Jan Gibson, Barb Recla, Kathy Johnson, Margaret and Phil Carroll enjoyed great weather and camping at the Pink Flamingo Classic in Cascade August 4th and 5th. Here are some pictures.

View The Spring Ride May 12 Eagle Foothills Album

Spring Ride May 12 Eagle Foothills

Several riders met in the Eagle Foothills on Saturday, May 12 for a ride. Weather was great and the horses and riders were happy to be out.

View The Diabetes Ride 2012 Album

Diabetes Ride 2012

A beautiful day for the annual Diabetes Ride in the Eagle Foohills on Sunday, May 26. Judie Daniels, Phil Carroll and Paula VanHoozer rode as trail monitors.

View The 2012 Expo Demo Album

2012 Expo Demo

Southern Comfort Gaited Horse Club sponsored a Demo, Versatility of the Gated Horse: Showcasing American and Spanish Breeds on Friday and Saturday mornings at the Horse Expo 2012.

View The Expo 2012 Practice Album

Expo 2012 Practice

Several Members and prospective members of Southern Comfort Club met at Sandy Young's home on Sunday, April 15, 2012 to get ready for the Gaited Horse Versatility Demo.

View The December Playday  Album

December Playday

The club met at Little Feather Ranch in Eagle on December 10. 2011.

View The Playday Album


The 2nd Annual Southern Comfort Playday was held at Al Birt Arena on Saturday, October 29, 2011. It was a great day and everyone had a fun day!

View The RoughRiders Poker Ride Album

RoughRiders Poker Ride

The RoughRiders Drill Team held their Poker Ride at Wilson Creek on Saturday, October 15th. Some members of SC attended the ride and others worked.

View The Poker Ride 2011 Album

Poker Ride 2011

The fifth annual Poker Ride was held at Eagle Island on Saturday, October 1, 2011. It was a beautiful day and more than 100 horses rode the trails. Here are some pictures.

View The Pre-Poker Ride 2011 Album

Pre-Poker Ride 2011

Sixteen riders met at Eagle Island State Park on Wednesday, September 29 to ride the trails and have their own Poker Ride. Winners were: 1st Linda Hamilton; 2nd Judie Daniels; 3rd, Dale Haynes. Each one of the winners received prizes. Here are some pictures.

View The Double Point Show Album

Double Point Show

The ISHSA held its Double Point Fall Show in Calkdwell September 23-25, 2011. Club member Kathy Haynes received several awards in the show.

View The Old Selam '11 Album

Old Selam '11

Barb and Gabe Recla with Shiloh and Arizona, Phil and Margaret Carroll with Timer and Razi enjoyed the Old Selam camping over Labor Day Weekend. The weather was cool at night (okay maybe cold) and wonderfully warm by noon. No clouds in the sky and glorious stars and moon at night.

View The Pink Flamingo 2011 Album

Pink Flamingo 2011

Kathy Johnson and Phil Carroll finished their first ever endurance ride at the Pink Flamingo Classic in Cascade. Both riders finished in the alloted six hours, fifteen minutes. Congratulations to Kathy and Phil.

View The Diabetes Ride 2011 Album

Diabetes Ride 2011

Southern Comfort again volunteered to be trail monitors for the 2011 Diabetes Ride. It was a stormy day but 180 riders rode the marked trails in the Eagle Foothills.

View The Spring Fling 2011 Album

Spring Fling 2011

Kathy Johnson, Linda Hamilton, Judie Daniels and Phil Carroll rode the ten mile trail ride at SWIT's Spring Fling in the Eagle Foothills on Saturday, May 7, 2011.

View The Gait Clinics Album

Gait Clinics

Nya Bates held a Gait Clinic on February 11-13, 2010. Members as well as others who wanted to learn more about their horses and gaits took part in the clinics.

View The Wilson Creek Album

Wilson Creek

On a beautiful Spring day, the day before Easter, Southern Comfort Club and Friends enjoyed a wonderful ride at Wilson Creek.

View The Sun's Merry Cimarron Album

Sun's Merry Cimarron

Sue Harwell and Sun's Merry Cimarron won the Idaho State Horse Show Association's Award for Championship for Versatility for the Gaited Horse. Congratulations Sue and Cimarron!

View The IMO Celebration Park Album

IMO Celebration Park

The training ride for the IMO was held Saturday April 30, 2011. It was a cool but sunny day and everyone had a great time.

View The May Trail Rides 2011 Album

May Trail Rides 2011

Several members got together and went on trail rides in North Eagle and Avimor. Here are a few pictures.

View The Horse Expo 2011 Nampa Album

Horse Expo 2011 Nampa

Southern Comfort and FOSH sponsored a booth and seminars at the 2011 Horse Expo.

View The Pre Poker Ride 2010 Album

Pre Poker Ride 2010

Members met at Eagle Island on Friday, October 1, 2010 and rode to mark the trails and check out the route for Saturday.

View The 2010 Poker Ride Album

2010 Poker Ride

The 4th Poker Ride for Southern Comfort was held at Eagle Island state Park on Saturday, October 2. 2010.

View The Trainer of the Year Album

Trainer of the Year

Nya Bates has been awarded FOSH (Friends of Sound Horses) Trainer of the Year Award for 2010 and Breeder of the Year for 2010.

View The PlayDay Album


The Southern Comfort Playday was held Saturday, October 30, 2010 at Al Birt Arena in Nampa.

View The Desensitization Clinic 3/26 Album

Desensitization Clinic 3/26

On Saturday, March 26th, 2010 Linda Hamilton, Judie Daniels, Jan Gibson, Andriette Goudreau, Barb and Gabe Recla and Chris Saige attended the clinic at Al Birt Arena.

View The Saddle Fitting Clinic Album

Saddle Fitting Clinic

Pictures from the saddle fitting clinic held on Saturday, December 18, 2010.

View The Christmas Party 2010 Album

Christmas Party 2010

The Club met at Barb and Gabe Recla's for the 2010 Christmas Party. It was a wonderful evening of delicious food and great fun.

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